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Hashtags, Self Expression, and Philanthropy


The concept of the hashtag has been around since the early days of internet communication.  With the growth of social media, however, the hashtag has leapt off the screen and into the world; it is now ingrained in nearly every aspect of contemporary society -- television shows, billboards, product packaging, news broadcasts, products, you name it.  It has even infiltrated our speech and spawned the infamous "finger hashtag".

Hashtags can be many things -- trends in the collective consciousness, amusing and delightful, social commentary, and a force to unite people around a common cause.  Above all, they are a completely new form of communication that allow us to bridge the gap between our physical and digital worlds. 

Self Expression

Using a hashtag in the real world is a shorthand for all of the weight and meaning that it carries with it in the collective digital conversation, and the hashtags that you use can help express your sense of humor, your character, your solidarity, or your belief system.

Hashgear was founded because the way that hashtags end up on products has largely been an ad-hoc exercise by a scattered group of individuals, designers, and organizations.  If a hashtag is trending, it means that it has captured the minds of the people -- and why shouldn't there be something tangible for every trending hashtag that helps express that sentiment in the real world. Now with Hashgear, you can express yourself with the latest trending topics on a shirt, a hoodie, or a mug, with more products to come.


Many hashtags are references to pop culture and media -- but some hashtags are a call to action to stand up for what we believe in, take action, and help others in need. As part of our core philosophy that our company should "Be a Good Citizen", we want to do more than contribute ephemeral goods to the world -- and that's why we dedicated ourselves to finding a way to making a real difference.

Beneath every product, you will see an icon that represents our Philanthropy Program.  If a product has been identified by Hashgear as primarily associated with a humanitarian cause, we will donate proceeds from the sale of that product to the organization(s) listed.  

We need your help to identify potential candidates for the program.  We are a small operation and this part of our company is one of the few areas that requires diligent research and review, and we can't identify all of the candidates ourselves.

If you think a product should be considered for the program, please click on the link next to the icon and send us a message. We can't guarantee that we will designate each and every product requested as a philanthropic product, but we will guarantee that we will review each request with diligence and consider the context of the product in the collective conversation and the extent of alignment with our humanitarian values.

Together, I hope that Hashgear is source of self expression, humor, entertainment, and ultimately a source for good in our society.  Thank you for participating.

Founder, Hashgear 

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    Amazing Concept and D.O.P.E. Mission Statement.

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